Severn Farm Services

Foot Trimming

Severn Farm Services offers a complete cattle foot trimming service in the areas of Gloucestershire, South Wales, Worcestershire, Wiltshire and beyond. This service is open to herds of any size to help reduce the incidence of lameness on farms and problems associated with lameness.
Cattle foot trimmer Steve Hookway and Neil Barrett are both NACFT Dutch course trained and Steve is a NACFT fully licensed cattle foot trimmer and diploma holder.
With large animal mobility playing such a vital role in increased productivity and health, we pride ourselves on the flexible and adaptable service we offer to suit your individual needs. 
We have experienced trained staff who use a variety of equipment to ensure the balance of efficiency and quality of service to meet the needs of the job and get positive outcomes.
We keep individual records for each animal so we can look at issues and monitor them over a period of time and develop bespoke solutions.
You need not be an existing client of Tyndale Vets to benefit from this service but by being so you will benefit from the wider expertise of the practice resulting in a more inclusive and cost effective service. 
All equipment will be provided by Severn Farm Services and foot trimmers Steve Hookway and Neil Barrett.

Freeze Branding

Severn Farm Services are now adding freeze branding to our list of services. A choice of either the standard size 3" freeze brand or smaller 2" numerical brand for young stock is offered.


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