Choosing between MOET and IVF

  • In order to perform MOET on a cow, she will need to be superovulated, which involves a series of twice daily injections. Superovulation causes the cow to release more eggs than normal when she comes bulling, resulting in multiple embryos.
    • Some cows fail to respond to superovulation – in these cows IVF is recommended
  • Embryo transfer can be performed on a cow once every 2 months, whilst IVF can be performed every two weeks
    • After a few rounds of collections, it is advised to let animals breed naturally and calve, in order to let the ovaries rest and recover
  • Both MOET and IVF can be performed on maiden heifers and adult cows
  • The number of embryos recovered by either technique varies widely between individual animals
  • The need for correct nutrition and management of both donors and recipients is vital for the success of both methods
  • MOET is, at the moment, cheaper than IVF