Privacy Statement

Using and storing personal data as a Tyndale client

Please note that animal information is not deemed as personal and will be stored within the practice to help record medication given to your animals.

Tyndale Vets Ltd only utilise the following personal information, your name, address contact details, email address, CPH number and any details on any of the customers' representatives (it is your responsibility to ensure the person is aware that you have provided their details to another party)

This information is stored on our veterinary practice management system, VetIT who provide this software. If we obtain technical support from VetIT, then employees of VetIT may be able to view your details.

We store this information for as long as it is needed whilst we are treating your animals or until you ask us to remove it.

Additional Parties

We may give personal information to other parties when necessary. We take the utmost care that this is done professionally and in the interest of your business and animals. We do not ever sell information or provide information to additional parties for any other reason than that given above. We have outlined the third parties which we utilise below.

Emailing us

If you email the practice on the general reception email or directly to a vet or member of staff then your email and any personal details which you have included, will be stored within Outlook. We utilise Outlook for our emails. We also use Pearce IT for any IT technical support which means this company may view your personal details if they are included in an email.

Lab reports

We use a variety of laboratory companies to send lab samples to such as Axiom, SAC and IDEXX. We will need to include your personal details such as name, address, CPH number and contact details to identify the sample.

TB tests and submissions

Similar to lab reports, we submit TB test reports to Animal & Plant Health Agency which will include your personal details to help identify the test. We may utilise your details at auctions or when declaring results on the data base SAM.

Social Media

If you choose to contact us via any of the social media platforms we utilise such as Facebook or Twitter, your details may be stored within the private messaging element or the public page if you include our details within the body of the message.

Newsletters/ Text reminder service

We try to keep our customers up to date with interesting articles in our newsletter. This is emailed to customers on a quarterly bases.

We also issue text messages occasionally reminding customers of certain events within the practice.

Vets phones

Your contact number and name may be stored in the vet’s phones so they can contact you if they are dealing with an emergency.

Feed Companies

If your animal requires a specific medicated feed, we may have to liaise with a feed company and provide/ confirm your personal details to help identify the prescription.

Employment applications

If you apply or have previously applied for a position with Tyndale Vets Ltd/ Tyndale Services Ltd then your application will be stored on file for up to 3 years to help record applications.


If you come into the practice your image will be captured by the CCTV that is in operation. The CCTV is supplied by Eurolink.

Withdrawal of consent

Please note that you have the right to withdraw your consent for Tyndale Vets Ltd to hold your personal information at any time.