Beef IVF

Why choose IVF?

  • IVF is a cost-effective way of producing embryos.
  • We can house lower disease status animals and produce high health status embryos from them. Particularly useful for Johnes and Neospora positive animals. This also allows buying-in of genetics to high health status herds.
  • IVF is an easier process than conventional flushing.
  • Works well when other methods have failed.
  • Equally effective in pregnant and non-pregnant animals.

What does it involve?

A few injections. The precise number needed varies but it can be as few as two. This is followed by collection at our state-of-the-art facility in Dursley. The cow can be on her way home within the hour. Fertiliasation takes place in the lab using semen of your choosing the following day and embryos are frozen the following week.


We have a simple pricing structure. £150 per collection and £110 per grade 1 embryo frozen.

The medicine cost varies according to which programme is used.

Other Services:

  • Residency
  • Implanting
  • Recipient advice and sourcing
  • Embryo Storage

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