Dairy IVF

Over 300,000 dairy embryos are produced in the USA each year by IVF alone. The recent shift to IVF from traditional ET reflects the many benefits IVF brings as a method of genetic advancement by both commercial and pedigree herds. The most substantial benefit is seen where herds pair IVF with genomic testing, using genomic data to select the best heifers as donors and then implanting high genetic merit embryos into the poorer genetic merit heifers and cows.

Did you know?

  • Animals can be collected from when pregnant or empty (up to 4 months)
  • The line-up programme for donors typically involves 4 injections
  • Embryos can be implanted fresh 8 days after a donor collection or frozen and stored with us or on farm
  • Sexed semen is now used regularly as part of IVF programmes
  • The average number of embryos produced is around 6 per collection
  • Donors can be collected from every 3-4 weeks
  • Straws of valuable semen can be split over multiple donors
  • We have residency options available for cattle coming for multiple collections

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