Camelids & Smallholders

Tyndale vets offer a full veterinary service for even the most “exotic” farm yard species. Our specialist vets are on hand to give you advice on a wide range of subjects including herd health, disease prevention, nutrition and general husbandry.

Camelid services 

  • Herd health planning and vaccination protocols
  • Teeth and foot trimming
  • Body condition scoring
  • Faecal egg counts and worming protocols
  • Lab examinations including blood sampling and skin scrapes
  • Microchipping
  • Mandatory and voluntary TB testing
  • Export and veterinary certification

We also have access to referral centres for more specific cases.

Smallholders Club

Why not join our Smallholders Club? Designed exclusively for people with a smaller number of animals, across a wide range of farm species.

Benefits include:

  • Informative newsletters and meetings throughout the year
  • Courses
  • Annual health planning
  • Vaccine dispensing club, enabling more efficient purchasing of vaccines

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