Staff Update

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Staff News

There have been a few changes within our TB team of late. We waved farewell and good luck to Ovi Lupascu (Ovi 2), who has returned to Romania to persue small animal practice. We are pleased to welcome Sam and Meg to the team. Sam Ronan has been around for a while now, so many of you may have met her during her training she is now fully qualified and flying solo. Meg Kemp is fairly new and she will be working with the TB team as well as undertaking the Vet Tech work following Meg Lawrence's departure to work with her partner as the Livestock Manager at Hartpury College.

Our fab receptionist Freya will be going on maternity leave shortly and we are currently interviewing for her cover.

But the biggest news of all is Nicks retirement! After creating, building and managing the team here at Tyndale for the last 25 years, he’s off to enjoy a very well earned retirement. Please join us for a bbq, many drinks and much dancing on Friday 23rd June - invites enclosed. Please RSVP to [email protected] so we can make sure there’s enough food for everyone! The more the merrier!!

We will also put invites in all our post for the coming months and the vets will have copies in their cars but make sure you spread the word for us too. Like and share our posts on Facebook and Instagram, tell anyone who may have had the pleasure of knowing or working with Nick and let’s make sure we give him the send off he deserves!