Our bespoke mix of oral calcium and energy for healthy ewes.

Twin Lamb disease (low blood pressure) and low blood calcium are common problems in ewes before lambing. Distinguishing between the two can be difficult. Ewes suffering from one problem are likely to be affected by the other to some extent. Ewe-Go contains both energy sources and calcium. Energy sources are glycerol and propylene glycol. These are converted to glucose by the ewe meaning all the energy is available to the ewe. Also contains calcium chloride as a source of calcium in the gut.

Choose between 1 litre bottle flexi-packs so any drenching gun can be fitted for easy administration or 500ml bottle with a pull up spout.

Dose Rate: 100ml per ewe, daily for 5 days.

For bulk orders (boxes of 10 or more) please email [email protected] 

or order single bottles online here https://shop.tyndalevets.co.uk/products/ewe-go?_pos=1&_sid=db0a21b07&_ss=r&variant=32309267890289



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