Posted: Fri 14th June 2024 

Check out Sam and David on Radio 4’s Farming Today show talking about the benefits of genetic testing, selection and IVF in both the beef and dairy industry.

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Posted: Wed 05th June 2024

Posted: Wed 22nd May 2024

The Worms

There are 20 different species of nematodes (aka roundworms) commonly found in Britain that will infect sheep and cattle. Each of these worms have a site in the body that they can be commonly found, e.g. lungs, small intestine or abomasum, and then the disease they cause tends to correlate with the are they are found.

Posted: Fri 08th December 2023

Selective Dry Cow Therapy

The dry period is crucial for the repair of the udder lining and subsequent optimal milk production in the next lactation. Within the repair process, milk secretion dries up, the udder lining gets smaller and reduces activity and a keratin plug forms in the teat canal. This also give us a great opportunity to clear up any grumbling issues that have occurred over the cow’s current lactation.


Posted: Tue 26th September 2023

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Posted: Wed 23rd August 2023

Tools to improve genetic gain - Driving dairy emissions down and profit up

Part 1

Posted: Tue 15th August 2023

The AHWP is a new government initiative aiming to push forward and support the gradual and continual improvement in farm animal health and welfare. The Pathway is a partnership, the government will work together on each step with farmers, vets, the wider industry, and the supply chain.

The pathway has 4 funding pathways with the aim to deliver health and welfare priorities, providing funding for high-quality veterinary advice, capital investment and ongoing costs.

Posted: Fri 28th July 2023

The next stage of the new Animal Health and Welfare Pathway has just been announced.

This infrastructure grant is for between £15,000 and £500,000 for all cattle keepers to fund calf housing. For the purpose of this grant, a calf is classed as up to 6 months old. This can cover a new build, upgrade, or replacement of existing calf housing.

Posted: Sat 17th June 2023


A new addition to our website, a monthly blog written by our vets. Our aim is to bring you helpful posts to boost your farm productivity. This month the blog post focuses on the importance of good health and safety during TB testing on farms for the well-being of all involved, as we have had a number of injuries recently to vets, testers, farm staff and cattle.

Posted: Thu 04th May 2023

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