Posted: Thu 28th June 2018

We had a great time at Berkeley Show! Thank you to everyone who came to see us!

Posted: Thu 21st June 2018

Do my lambs need worming??? A routine question this time of year and deceptively simple. But with resistance becoming an ever increasing problem as well as the ever increasing need to reduce blanket treatments there is not a uniform answer.

Posted: Thu 21st June 2018

The risk of Nematodirus is now tailing off for this years lamb crop but Strongyle counts will be rising steadily, especially in lambs on permanent pasture.  Instead of waiting for lambs to scour, it is well worth doing a worm egg count.

Posted: Tue 12th June 2018

There have been a number of cases of fly strike in the last few weeks. Fly strike is not only a welfare issue it affects performance too. Ensure you flock is protected by keeping them clean and applying an appropriate product. Contact the practice if you need advice.

Posted: Mon 04th June 2018


Blowfly strike is a serious disease which affects a large number of farms within the UK.

Blowfly strike is caused by primarily by the green bottle fly which seeks to lay eggs in decomposing matter. The green bottle fly will look for carcasses, dirty backends, foot rot lesions and open wounds as suitable areas to lay their eggs.

Blowfly strike can cause huge problems for sheep and farm productivity.

Losses are incurred from:

Posted: Thu 04th January 2018

Dont miss out on our Sheep Lameness meeting on the 17th of January 2pm-4pm. Everyone welcome and refreshments provided.

Posted: Fri 22nd December 2017

Beef Cattle Nutrition Workshop

The Royal William, Cranham, Painswick, Gloucestershire, GL6 6TT

Wednesday 21 February, 10:30am – 2:00pm

Feeding management of beef cattle can be divided into the three main stages of rearing, growing and finishing. Each phase requires different ration specifications according to cattle type and target growth rates.

Posted: Mon 11th July 2016

Come and join us on the 12th of December for a Christmas drink and why not have a curry too??

Christmas drinks at The Berkeley Arms, located on the High Street in Berkeley. The fun starts from 7.30pm!!


Posted: Mon 04th July 2016

Dear clients,

Bluetongue virus type 8 has been circulating in central France. Although the last outbreak in the UK dates from 2008 farmers are urged to remain vigilant for possible signs of an outbreak of this notifiable disease.        

Posted: Tue 21st June 2016

Due to the Vale Of Glamorgan show, the Welsh branch will be closed for the day on the Wednesday 10th August. Drugs will still be available to collect from the collection box outside if ordered before 11am that morning.

We will have a stand at the show so please drop by for a cup of tea!